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ADempiere e.V. - The legal ADempiere entity[edit]

What is it?[edit]

The abbreviation "e.V." stands for "eingetragener Verein" which means it is an officially registered society which is owned by the members. A "Verein" has to have one or more raison d'être (reason for its existence) which are written down in a constitutional paper. This paper has been approved by German tax authorities for the claim of being a non-profit organisation.

The main objectives are:

  • Continued development of ADempiere
  • Representation of and partner for the Global ADempiere community
  • Attendance and organisation of trade fairs, congresses and conferences
  • Protecting the free rights of the project participants
  • Holding interlectual property (trademark, domains, etc.)

For the whole text you may have a look at the charter


ADempiere Deutschland e.V. was originally founded by eight guys of the german ADempiere community. Since then lots of citizens from the rest of the world have joined ADeV. You may take a look at the members list.

The society has three types of membership which are

  • passive membership - for anyone who wants to support ADempiere (60EUR / Year)
  • active membership - for active members of the ADempiere community. A new active membership must be supported by majority vote of the current active members (60EUR / Year)
  • sponsoring membership - for companies who want to support the community by paying a yearly fee of 1.200€.

Note: Sponsors have no vote. Only active members have got the right to vote.

The Board[edit]

It has a board consisting of five members who are currently:

  • Norbert Wessel (Chairman) - Nick: nwessel
  • Mike McKay (Vice Chairman) - Nick: McKay
  • Kai Schaeffer (Representative and Treasurer) - Nick: Kai
  • Mario Calderon (Representative) - Nick:
  • Steven Sackett (Representative) - Nick:

What are they doing?[edit]

  • Providing services for the ADempiere Community
    • Hosting wiki
    • Hosting Software Development Infrastructure
    • Funding PMC Head
  • Taking care about the interllectual property of the project
    • gathering domains
    • holding trade mark rights
  • Hosting events for the community
  • Marketing for adempiere
    • was present for 6 days with a booth at LinuxTag in June 2008 in Berlin
    • organized a two day community meeting in November 2008 in Essen. There where 19 attendants
    • was present for 6 days with a stand at CeBIT trade fair in March 2009 in Hannover

ADeV Members are from these countries[edit]

  • Australia
  • Bavaria :-)
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • El Salvador
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Romania
  • Thailand
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • and more...