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The citizens of ADempiere Community are known members able to vote on certain project decisions. All citizens can be found on the mailling list "adempiere-citizens".

Please see the discussion about defining our Community. Citizen Elections are ongoing.
Here you find inactive citizens.

No Name Email IRC nick SF nick Date of Entrance Reference Residence Status
<No> <Name> <email> <irc> <SF> <date> <Active/Passive/nominated/applying>
2 Victor Perez e-mail <irc> vpj-cd 23.06.2009 Mexico Active
3 Trifon Trifonov <email> trifon trifonnt 23.06.2009 Europe Active
6 Colin Rooney <email> <irc> <SF> 07.07.2009 Ireland Active
7 Michael Judd Michael_Judd mjudd 07.07.2009 England Active
8 Kai Schaeffer <email> <irc> <SF> 07.07.2009 Germany Active
10 Mario Calderon e-mail MCalderon mar_cal_westf 07.07.2009 El Salvador Active
11 Susanne Calderon e-mail <irc> scalderon 07.07.2009 El Salvador Active
14 Mark Ostermann n.a. mark_o mark_o 07.07.2009 Germany Active
16 Steven Sackett <email> <irc> adaxa 18.07.2009 Australia Active
21 Ramiro Vergara e-mail rvergara rvergara 2.08.2009 Chile Active
25 Allan Howard email ar_howard ar_howard 3.08.2009 Intouch Direct Australia Active
29 Enrique Ruibal ruibal 6.08.2009 Mexico Active
31 Moisés Quezada 6.08.2009 Mexico Active
33 Armen Rizal armenrz 11.08.2009 Indonesia Active
37 Akos Gabriel gabrielke 24.08.2009 Hungary Active
47 Kestutis Mikolajunas amberis, Kestutis 24.08.2009 Active
49 Raouf Mazouz raoufmazouz 24.08.2009 Active
53 Alejandro Falcone afalcone afalcone 11.09.2009 Argentina Active
59 Evans Armitage r035198x 11.09.2009 Active
69 Jorge Vallejo joredva 11.09.2009 Ecuador Active
88 Germán Tabares gtabaresc 12.01.2010 Colombia Active
97 Michael Mckay MikeMcKay mjmckay 08.04.2011 - Canada Active
100 Azzam Othman azzamahmad 16.07.2012 Active
101 Alberto Abudinen albertoabudinen 16.07.2012 Active
102 Hilario Fochi fochi 16.07.2012 Active
103 Yamel Senih selem 28.02.2015 Venezuela Active