HOWTO Use Jasper On Financial Reports

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Applicable for versions > 3.3.1b

Now you can use Jasper Reports in order to format the financial reports - and apply all the power of Jasper (formulas, grouping, etc).

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Define the Process[edit]

You simply need to define a new system process pointing to your jasper file:

01 jasperbalance.png

You don't need to define parameters for the process.

Define the Financial Report[edit]

Then you can use the defined jasper process in the financial report

02 jasperbalance.png

Jasper Report templates[edit]

You can download and use the next provided report as template to construct your own reports: T_ReportTemplate by Carlos Ruiz.

An example of more complex, cascading Jasper report by Mario Calderon is found here: Example of complex Jasper Report.

How to deploy your Jasper Reports on an own directory (by Mario Calderon):

  • download the following file; Own JR deployment.
  • decompress zip file.
  • save a copy of "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/build.xml".
  • copy the decompressed zip file into "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp".
  • define an ant in Eclipse pointing to "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/build.xml".
  • copy your jrxml and jasper files into "trunk/JasperReportsWebApp/shwReportVerzeichnis".
  • execute the ant command "shw-packaging"
  • ant creates 2 files: "shwReports.ear" and "shwReports.war". You can check their contents with ark or a similar tool.
  • copy shwReports.ear into $ADEMPIERE_HOME/jboss/server/adempiere/deploy
  • JBoss will deploy the files into a temporary directory at startup and delete the temporary directory at shutdown.
  • This way, you can define your reports in the "Report&Process" window, Field "Jasper Report" (see above) the following way: o http://my-named-server/shw/my_report.jasper.

The JRs are thus accessible by all clients (windows or linux).

Accept Null Values as Parameters in a Jasper Report (by Mario Calderon):

The built-in Report Engine in ADempiere treats parameters without values as if no filter was selected. However, if you pass a Jasper Report a parameter without value, it will be interpreted in the query as column=null, which is undesirable.

Here are the steps to achieve that a null value parameter behaves in a Jasper Report as in ADempiere's report engine.

  • Suppose you have the parameter C_BPartner_ID in the Jasper Report
  • Suppose the where clause in your query is c_bpartner_id = $P{C_BPartner_ID}
  • You create a new parameter: C_BPartner_ID_for_query, choosing as class of the parameterString.
  • The Default Value Expression for the new parameter will be:

$P{C_BPartner_ID}==null? " true": "c_bpartner_id=".concat($P{C_BPartner_ID}.toString())

  • In the query, do substitute c_bpartner_id = $P{C_BPartner_ID} with $P!{C_BPartner_ID_for_query}
  • When you pass the report a value, the value will be used, becoming the where condition for example c_bpartner_id = 1234567. Otherwise the condition will be true, which will result in no filtering at all, like in ADempiere's report engine.

A simple financial jasper report by Colin Rooney is found here: Example of financial Jasper Report.