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System Administration menu will help you to do a lot of overall ADempiere Administration Jobs.

System Rules[edit]

You can configure general appearance such as characteristics of display of tree, document translation, error message, etc from this category.


User and role maintenance is done from this section.


Scheduling parameters are set from this section. Server specific parameters such as Scheduled jobs like Account Processor, Request processor can be configured from this section.


You can maintain custom workflow. You can also add a new workflow and maintain it from here.


Several Printing parameters can be set from this section. Printing format, Label printing, table format and print color settings are some of these parameters that can be set from this section.


Collaborative tasks like chatting, news broadcasting, media broadcasting could be configured from this section.

Knowledge Management[edit]

This section of ADempiere will help you to build knowledge form the data you entered. Apart from the simple text search facility it also add facilities like creating synonyms, linking the index with other sources and categorizing the knowledge.