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Warning: This is outdated information and needs to be corrected.


The true origin of the ADempiere Road Map is in the hundreds of requests for features, bugs and user developments that have been posted in the Compiere™ SourceForge forums in the last 5 years. This inventory of unresponded wishes quickly evolved into a development framework for the ADempiere project.

In a furious debate started on September 1st 2006 and in just two weeks (Read the historic debate), an instantly created community not only decided on starting a fork, a product name, a basic structure for the project but also a short term roadmap for the project.

This roadmap as described aspires to strike a balance between rapidly releasing a version addressing some urgently required fixes and at the same time enhancing the functionality in such a way that it increases the perceived value of the solution. On the other hand, these very first releases would have to address the licensing of the precedent work from Compiere™ and some commercial components included in the original solution, namely the pdf library and the Oracle™ database.

Why ADempiere? We chose ADempiere, making it the Open Source ERP/CRM/SCM of choice.

  • Truly stable, high performance, flexible, easy to use, facility of maintenance and scalability in the product application
  • Expanding functionality footprint to be on par to other world class ERP solutions
  • Technological jump from a client-server to a more modern, N-tier application
  • User Interface which is easy to use, intuitive, attractive and well organized
  • Collaboration of a real community where it is possible to integrate everyone's contributions and catalyse further development
  • Tools to test, upgrade, migrate and apply bug corrections or source improvements
  • Use of state-of-the-art open source tools
  • To improve the product, based on the global user-community covering a myriad of verticals
  • 100% Open Source, free of license supported by Open Documentation, Open Support and a not-for-profit ADempiere Council

What are the benefits?

  • A better application for an exploding market
  • A project with the right vision and better direction
  • A road map clearly defined
  • A real Community that is thriving and responsive
  • A fast evolution of the product
  • A useful application customisable for the individual business

ADempiere release strategy[edit]

ADempiere version numbers follow a longstanding tradition. Each version has three numbers, I.e., X.Y.Z. The "X" is only incremented when a really significant change happens, one that makes software written for one version no longer operate correctly on the other. The "Y" tells you which development "series" you are in. A stable version will always have an even number in this position, while a development version will always have an odd number. The "Z" specifies which exact version you have, and it is incremented on every release.

The development series is the code that the ADempiere developers are actively working on, which is always available for public viewing, testing, and even use, although production use is not recommended! This is part of the "open source development" method. Eventually, the development series (i.e. 3.1.x) will become the stable one (i.e. 3.2.0) and a new stable series will then be established, and a new development series begun (i.e. 3.3.x). Or, if any really major changes happen, it might become 4.0.0 instead, and a 4.1.x series begun.

List of incomplete functionality that can be found in Adempiere menus:[edit]

Functionality Description Sponsor Developer
Online Help In Compiere 260a class there is an incomplete implementation of online help, this is searching for links in the page with an attribute target=Online.
WAN profile connection
Substitute Product and Related Product
Bank Statement Matcher
Report View Column Replacement
Drop Shipments if you use this now it actually causes data corruption! idalica idalica
RMA Customer returns idalica, Systemhaus Westfalia idalica
Replenishment of BOM tries to buy BOM instead of parts
Replication e-evolution User:Trifonnt
Purchase requisition approval
Label Printer functional in our project; lofx
Reservations (of stock) aren't really reservations!
Package Details on Shipments do not seem to do anything.... of use anyway!?
Withholding ? I don't know if we must include it here.
Knowledgebase is not functional
Unrealized gain and loss not calculated using outstanding amount
Some windows show the button "print" it actually just print an screenshot Examples: info menus and view accounting application
Custom Info Windows You can define your custom Info Windows (for search and select) from application dictionary (see tables AD_InfoWindow, AD_InfoColumn), but this is not working
Organization Assigment You can assign a user to an organization for defined period of time

Special Note : It was also mentioned in sourceforge forums the need of making a complete and serious security audit to Adempiere.

New desired functionality[edit]

Functionality Description Sponsor Developer
Request e-mail collector
Serialization The assets aspect is good but the creation and use of serialized product makes it not very useful. You really need to be able to mass receive or ship. You also need to be able to put quantities other than one on the sales & invoice documents but have the shipment/receipt itemize which numbers!
UOM opposite conversion The conversion - units of measure and currency too are very messy to setup... once one conversion is defined the opposites should be automatic.
Warehouse Location Not missing functionality, but it works great to create virtual warehouses within a main warehouse ... but as a "bin" within a warehouse it doesn't strike me as particularily useful!
Standard reports That businesses use be available as default in ADempiere. Probably localization subprojects, standard reports can be different in each country.
Year end closing Income summary and retained earning is setup but not use
Fixed Asset
Customer Statement of Account Showing: previous balance, charges, credits, ending balance
Scan Inventory Tracks individual serial numbers
Shipping Integration Add the ability to estimate and account for shipping charges.

ADempiere 3.1.0[edit]


  • Find and fix bugs
  • User interface improvement
  • Run on 100% opensource stack

Release would include the following components:

  • Compiere 260a
  • Plugin and Migration Management.
    • Proposal:
      • Create a Tool to do migrations based on XML Formats, so that version migration will be easier.
      • Improve the tools created by Marco, Trifon and Rob (ADCK, 2Pack)
      • Use the Apache( DDLUtils libraries for this purpose.
    • Requirements
      • Application Dictionary maintenance
      • New version migration
      • New components integration
      • Patch Management
      • Export and Import the Data Dictionary
      • Export and Import Entity Data (Client)
      • Delete entities (Client)
      • Wizard to create new windows
  • Free PDF
  • Jasper Report integration
  • Oracle & Oracle XE
  • PostgreSQL support
  • Migration Script 253a to 260a

Adempiere Tasks

ADempiere 3.2.0[edit]


  • First stable release of the ADempiere 3.x series
  • Intensive Quality Assurance process
  • Usability enhancement

Release would include the following components:

  • Compiere 260a
  • Plugin and Migration Management
  • Free PDF
  • Jasper Report integration
  • Oracle & Oracle XE
  • PostgreSQL support
  • Migration Script 253a to 253b

ADempiere 3.3.0[edit]


  • Manufacturing module
  • Fixed Asset module
  • POS module
  • Fyracle support
  • Web and Swing client enhancement

Release would include the following components:

  • Migration script Adempiere 3.2.0 to Adempiere 3.3.0 (Oracle,PostgreSQL,Fyracle)
  • Fyracle support
  • Manufacturing module
  • Fixed Asset module
  • POS module

ADempiere 3.4.0[edit]


  • All the goals stated in the 3.3 section
  • Second stable release of the ADempiere 3.x series
  • Intensive Quality Assurance process

Release would include the following components:

  • Migration script ADempiere 3.3.0 to ADempiere 3.4.0 (Oracle,PostgreSQL,MySQL)
  • Fyracle support
  • Manufacturing module
  • Fixed asset module
  • POS module

ADempiere 3.5.0[edit]


  • Cash flow module
  • Human resource and payroll module
  • Further client and usability enhancement
  • Reporting enhancement

Release would include the following components:

  • Migration script ADempiere 3.4.0 to ADempiere 3.5.0
  • Cash flow module
  • Human resource and payroll module

ADempiere 3.6.0[edit]


  • All the goals stated in the 3.5 section
  • Last major release of the ADempiere 3.x series
  • Intesive Quality Assurance process

Release would include the following components:

  • Cash flow module
  • Human resource and payroll module

ADempiere 3.99.0[edit]


  • Migration to a modern, n-tier core
  • AJAX Client
  • New Reporting Engine
  • Full database independence
  • Security enhancement
  • Performance improvement
  • Test coverage

Release would include the following components:

  • AJAX Client AJAX
    • Proposal
      • We want to create a new user interface, Using AJAX technology the client will be communicated with the server using SOAP or JSON technology.
      • After reviewing a lot of AJAX solutions , we believe the best option is to use :
    • Requirements
      • A User interface that is attractive, intuitive and easy to use.
      • The client has to be really light
      • Engine to build screens based on the AD
      • Just get the information that the user is asking for
      • Capture high volume of data in a simple, multiple and mixed way.
      • Universal client (any internet browser)

ADempiere 4.0.0[edit]


  • All of the goals stated in the 3.99 section
  • First stable release of ADempiere 4.x series
  • Intensive Quality Assurance process

Release would include the following components:

See also[edit]

GPL and Apache License compatibility is discussed here:

There has been doubts about this roadmap been exemplary for ADempere. The latest comment came in thisSF thread by clamerio. Prior to this Colin Rooney and Mike Judd has also raised that the Roadmap has to be reflective of subject matter and features. Ever since there are been attempts to eyeball this. We appreciate anyone to keep on constantly improving on it. Thank you to those who has done the roadmap so far - Red1 01:04, 14 April 2007 (EDT)

Red1, I think that defining the roadmap is not a wiki-edit effort. It must be a community effort, some decisions through polls, like clameiro proposed, other decisions based on sponsored work, other decisions based on time-contributions possibilities of developers, others decisions taken by council, etc. It's also very important what we discussed on this CC meeting that I'm bringing here for discussion (CarlosRuiz 12:14, 14 April 2007 (EDT)):

It was agreed that current roadmap is confusing and must be discussed in a later stage with more people from council and community.

  • Roadmap must not match with any specific technology or brand or name, only in very special cases
  • Roadmap must not have version numbers for things that are not firm yet, probably just some direction for possible future enhancement for those stuff
  • Roadmap should convey a clear message to the community - what is committed ( i.e confirm ), what is under investigation ( experiment welcome ) and what is don't know when ( volunteer welcome )
Thanks Carlos Ruiz for anchoring here, where ppl keep refering to when they search for it. - Red1 21:02, 14 April 2007 (EDT)

At 2nd European ADempiere Conference, a Road Map task force was establish (Victor, Mario, Carlos and Jörg). Primarily as a proposal to these people: Can we put onto this page the following table and refer to it from the starting page:

Release Date from Content
3.6.0 RC 1 30.06.09 trunk
  • Experimental OSGi Container [joerg.viola]
  • FIrst fitnesse test added [carlos]
  • 50 P9 Bugs left [all]
3.6.0 RC 2 30.07.09 trunk
  • OSGi Container stabilized [joerg.viola]
  • Experimental Libero plugin [vcp-jp]
  • Experimental Windows installer [kai]
  • Simple Sales and Purchase fitnesse Test added [mjudd]
  • Improved documentation I [red1]
  • 30 P9 Bugs left [all]
3.6.0 RC 3 30.08.09 branch_3_6
  • Base Language [nwessel]
  • Stabilized Libero plugin [vcp-jp]
  • Stabilized Windows installer [kai]
  • Basic Fitnesse Suite stabilized [mjudd]
  • Improved documentation II [red1]
  • 20 P9 Bugs left [all]
3.6.0 Frenzy 30.09.09 branch_3_6
  • OSGi Container stable [joerg.viola]
  • Libero plugin stable [vcp-jp]
  • Windows installer stable [kai]
  • Base Language stable [nwessel]
3.6.x ? branch_3_6
  • Bugfix releases
3.7.0 RC 1 30.10.09 trunk
  • Experimental P2 Installer
  • Experimental PluginCockpit (in Installer?)
  • Experimental Pentaho adapter
  • Account tests [mjudd]
3.7.0 RC 2 30.11.09 trunk
3.7.0 30.12.09 branch_3_7
3.7.X branch_3_7 Bugfix releases

As you can see, this roadmap would include:

  • release candidates once a month from trunk
  • a one month stabilization phase in branch
  • a stable release every 3 months
  • a defined set of "features" per release
  • a responible "maintainer" per feature
  • if a features misses a release, it is postponed to the next one
  • even "experimental" feature states must not break production-ready state of a release

What do you think? viola 08:48, 22 June 2009 (PDT)

Year End Closing Functionality[edit]

This is desired. Someone implemented it here: